Today on the pod you can listen to a Q + A with my hubby! You asked the questions and we answered..and got on a few tangents! 😉 This episode was so fun for us! We love chatting about random things and reminiscing on when we first got married, changes me made, etc!

Questions asked in this episode:

  1. How we met
  2. How long we dated / long distance relationships
  3. The proposal
  4. Choosing to not life together before marriage
  5. Things we learned after getting married
  6. Advice for newly married couples
  7. Favorite marriage advice we received
  8. Do we talk about financial goals?
  9. How do we make our goals a reality?
  10. Financial advice / how to look at finances once you are married
  11. Anything we wish we would’ve done differently on our wedding day?
  12. How we pick our next travel destinations?
  13. Do we want kids?
  14. 5 year plan?
  15. How has it been building a house?
  16. When are we getting a third dog?

Blog post about not living together before we were married:

Q+A With My Hubby!


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