3 Ways To Start Your Biz Today!


3 Ways To Start Your Biz Today!

Do you sit at a desk every day dreaming of what life could look like if things were different? Thinking of this one thing that sets your heart of fire and makes you crazy seeing other people do it? GIRL. I have been there. But it’s a new day, you have a new chance to live life to the fullest. I want you to find the good that is out there right now. Today I’m giving you 3 quick and easy- YES, EASY, actionable steps to start your business TODAY. 

1. Remember that starting is better than perfect.

Don’t be afraid of what could or could not happen, or what people will think. You DON’T have to have a website. You DON’T have to have a whole curated professional existence online. Just get out there and work! Get yourself set up with a professional email and a few social media accounts and stop putting pressure on yourself. Remember passion and hustle take you so much further than a money-oriented mindset. 

2. Consistency is key.

Start posting regularly. Do not worry about annoying people. The right people will tag along. Connect with people through your story, your heart and your mission statement will help build a community and continue to build that trust that you’ve been working for this whole time. Start sharing your why and your story and what you’re doing because you need to keep reminding people what you’re doing. Even if you don’t have a “brand” right now, post what fills you up and what you relate to. It does not need to be a perfectly-curated feed or have perfectly-crafted captions! Remember it’s all about STARTING. So focus on that and hone in on perfecting different areas later. 

3. Be ready for a sale or booking whenever it comes.

Invest in contracts and have them ready to go! If you’re a photographer or want to be one, I recommend the LawTog. Put time and effort into your email correspondence with clients. And serve each client like it’s the Super Bowl! This will create tons of free marketing via word of mouth from others. The first few sales or bookings typically come from a family member or someone you know or someone who knows of you. So treat them like a celebrity because you don’t want the start of your business to be the end. They will talk and you want what they are saying to be as positive as possible to serve as a lead to future sales.

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