My Business Journey.

The first full episode of the You In Bloom podcast is here, and it’s all about my business journey! I am breaking down how I got into photography, how it became a business, the highs and lows of my college experience, when I went full time, and where I am now!

I was always the creative and the athlete growing up. I truly excelled in those two categories of my life, but school was never one of them. I was always an average student, and looking back now, of course I could have worked harder, but I wouldn’t change anything about my journey.

I was a college basketball player who got caught up in the full time job of being a collegiate athlete, and I let my grades slip. This led to me failing out of college my sophomore year. I am thankful for understanding and encouraging parents who always pushed me to be my best in the way I needed them to.

After finding a new school and focusing on classes that I was interested in I was suddenly at the top of my class and enjoying learning more than ever before. After 2 years at the second college, I decided to put my 2 weeks in at my part time Target job, drop out of school, move back home, and rent a studio in downtown New Ulm. I threw myself into being full time, and I never looked back.

Within 3 months my income had tripled. Suddenly, I had the time needed to pursue this passion and it was all paying off. I now run a 6 figure business, am always looking for my next move, and absolutely love what I do on every level.

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