Blogging And Being An Influencer With Taylor Brown

Today’s episode is such a fun one! When my sweet friend Taylor agreed to be on the podcast I was so thrilled!! She is sweet as pie, an amazing blogger and influencer, and she is balancing her full time hustle on top of being a mama! We talked about all these things in today’s episode!

My favorite things about Taylor is her style is so affordable and attainable for anyone, she is super consistent in her posts, and she always prepares her followers for upcoming sales! What more could you ask for in a blogger?!

Here are the questions Taylor answers in this episode:

1. How did you get into blogging? What did life look like leading up to that?
2. What does a typical work day or week look like for you?
3. How did you start to work with brands and what does that look like?
4. When did you go full time and what did that transition look like for you?
5. Best pieceĀ of advice you got about running your own business?
6. Any exciting things happening this year you are excited about?

Where you can find her:
Instagram: Taymbrown
Blog: The Styled Press
Shop her looks HERE

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