IS THIS REAL LIFE!? My podcast, You In Bloom, has officially been announced, and I am screaming it from the rooftops! This podcast has been such a labor of love so the fact that it has finally come into fruition has me beaming!

I actually purchased a microphone about 4 years ago with the plan to start a lifestyle podcast then, but life took over and I never got around to making it happen. Now it is so clear to me why. I have pivoted so many times throughout my creative journey, and this just felt like the perfect next step for me.

This podcast is dedicated to help you grow in life and grow in biz. Whether you are a seasoned vet in the creative industry, or do not even know where to start; you are welcome here. Each week I will be giving you new content and attainable action steps that will allow you to start, grow, scale, and up-level your business.

I am absolutely thrilled to be on this journey, and hope you will come along with me!

You In Bloom, The Podcast


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