Balancing Life And Business With Kelly Zugay

If there were ever an episode I REALLY wanted you to listen to, I think this one is it. Kelly is a sweet friend of mine with an incredible story and outlook on life. She is so wise, and the knowledge she shares in this episode is pure gold. I spent the whole episode just nodding in front of my microphone because I agreed with everything she said haha!

Kelly is a Wisconsin-based educator, entrepreneur, and soon-to-be holistic nutritionist. She has dedicated her career to uplifting creative women in business. Through becoming a holistic nutritionist, her hope is to provide resources and education to empower busy women to experience balance, health, and happiness – every day.

Here are the questions Kelly answers in today’s episode:

1. You became a creative business owner in 2014. Can you tell us about that business a little bit? (We will go into depth on your WGG interview, but just so people can get to know you)
2. Being a creative business owner is hard, and it’s easy to throw yourself wholeheartedly into what you do. What tips do you have for finding balance in life and biz?
3. Could you share with us a few examples of seasons of burnout you experienced and how you re-prioritized you health and wellness.
4. I know you got into running in 2019. What has that looked like for you and what advice to you have for anyone who might be holding themselves back from something new like this?
5. You recently decided to become a certified holistic nutritionist. What made you pursue that?
6. What are some tips you have for experiencing health and happiness and balance?

Where you can find Kelly:
Instagram: kellyzugay
Website: kellyzugay.com
Branding + Web Design Biz: With Grace and Gold


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