3 Ways You Can Educate Clients For Their Sessions


3 Ways You Can Educate Clients For Their Sessions

Happy Wednesday! I am currently working in the kitchen while watching Friends per usual, but am super pumped to bring you this blog post today! It’s easy to focus all our efforts on attracting and booking ideal clients, but when did we stop focusing on educating them? We book the client, and then find ourselves answering tons of questions about what to wear, what we suggest for locations, hair and makeup artists, etc! There is actually so much that goes into session prep on the clients side, and I never truly knew what that all entailed until I was the client myself! When my hubs and I were engaged I was so excited about our engagement session, but I ended up putting more work into it than I thought I would! Ever since then, I have focused on serving and educating my clients so they know exactly what to expect! Here are 3 ways you can educate your clients for their sessions!

1. Know The Best Locations For Your Work
My style is very emotive and adventurous so the majority of the work I share is out in nature somewhere! It’s easy for clients to want something super opposite, but want the same outcome, but that just isn’t doable! I let clients know off the bat they have complete control over location, but that the photos on my socials and website that they fell in love with are in nature based locations!

2. Have A Session Style Guide
I have a 70+ page guide focused solely on the engagement session! It covers everything from getting to know me better, locations, thinking outside the               box, outfit inspiration, timeline, and so much more! My clients love it because it takes all the thinking out of it for them! It sort of guides them step by step           how to prepare and what to expect! You can create your own guide in Canva or Indesign, or purchase a template online!

3. Explain What A Session With You Looks Like
You know why people get so nervous to be photographed? Because they have no idea what to expect! I educate my clients on what a shoot with me looks           like which includes a very laid back vibe, prompts instead of poses, and a ton of adventuring! I let them know they cannot mess up, and as long as they                 allow themselves to relax and have fun their images will turn out like the ones they fell in love with on my website and social accounts! Ultimately, they                   want to look like the couples or clients they see you posting so give them that experience and teach them how they can get the best results!

Comment below how you educate your clients for their sessions!


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