3 Changes I Made To My Website To Start Booking My Ideal Client


3 Changes I Made To My Website To Start Booking My Ideal Client

Happy Wednesday, friends! If the snow is coming down hard where you are today, I feel you! I can barely see my car in our driveway *eye roll*! Today is my Friday for the week, because I am flying to Waco, TX tomorrow to host another boudoir retreat! Every few months I host a 4 day boudoir retreat for women all over the US! The first one was in Arizona and the next one is in Chicago! You can join my private group, Boudoir by Tarah Elise, on Facebook to see all the fun and behind the scenes of that! 🙂 Any-who, because it’s my Friday, I am HUSTLIN’ to get my to do list done so I can be fully present with my girls this weekend! I’m working on launching something really REALLY exciting in the just few weeks, and as I was getting things together for it I can across launch graphics from my old website. You guys, I am screaming! It’s actually hilarious how lost I was when it came to branding and knowing what the heck I wanted in a website! I worked with my sweet friends, With Grace and Gold to create both of my websites, but the first time around I had no idea what I wanted. I was convinced I loved all things Blush and Gold because that’s what other “successful” people in my industry were doing! Looking at my new site compared to my old site now is so funny to me. I am so glad I grew and found myself, but I also remember how lost I felt! I had no sense of branding or what I wanted that to look like so today I am sharing with you 3 changes I made when working to design my new website to start booking ideal clients!


3 Changes I Made To My Website To Start Booking My Ideal Client


1. I got my branding down to a T! I looked on Pinterest, at photographers who had styles I LOVED, and narrowed down what I loved about the things I was drawn to! I stayed away from what looked like it would make me “successful” and I stayed true to myself and the clients I wanted to start attracting! I wrote down in detail who my ideal client was by asking myself the questions you can find HERE! With Grace and Gold helped me create a brand board (see below) and my heart skipped a beat when I saw it all put together, because it felt so ME.

3 Changes I Made To My Website To Start Booking My Ideal Client

2. My home page now gives an awesome first impression! It allows simple navigation, shows 5 of my favorite and best images right off the bat, and it encourages clients to spend more time there! With an easy flow, clients can now scroll through my site and seamlessly transition from one page to the next! My home page on my pink and gold website was confusing and messy. It was hard to know where to start!

3 Changes I Made To My Website To Start Booking My Ideal Client

3. I gave them what they were looking for! I made my services page really educational for clients, but left out just enough that they would want to reach out and learn more! 😉 I explained in detail what I specialize in, why I love it, and how I could serve them. However, instead of leaving out pricing all together, I shared what the average TEP client invests so prospective clients can immediately get a sense of price range and whether they could make that work or not!

3 Changes I Made To My Website To Start Booking My Ideal Client

Today I would encourage you to go through these points and see if you need to make any of these changes to your website! Small changes can equal big results! Comment below if you need to implement any of these!


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