3 Things Your Photography Website Is Missing!


3 Things Your Photography Website Is Missing!

Happy Monday, friends! I hope you are off to an awesome start and crushing your to do list!! Whether it is responding to emails, editing sessions, or just working on the back end of your business, you are doing awesome things! However, have you been noticing lately that you maybe aren’t booking your ideal clients, or even getting as many inquiries as you’d like? There could be a reason for that! We spend so much time posting our best images and curating flawless captions for our social platforms, but when was the last time you gave your website some love? Your website is most likely the ultimate deciding factor for perspective clients, so you need to make sure it is ready for them! Today I am sharing 3 things your photography website is missing!

1.A good first impression – also known as your HOME PAGE! You want perspective clients to feel excited about you the second they land on your site! This is where you should display your absolute BEST work! You could have one awesome images, or a few images that interchange! Either way, you want to make that awesome first impression!


2. About Page! Perspective clients are far more likely to hire you if they connect with you on a personal level too. They want to get to know the person they could be working with, so give that to them! Introduce yourself, share silly facts, tell them why you do what you do, and give them a peek into who they will be working with! Also, having 1-3 images of yourself for them to put a face to your name is really important! They will automatically feel more connected to you!


3. Services Page! Perspective clients are going to want to see what you offer and how much you offer it for! You don’t have to list your pricing, and actually, I encourage you NOT to. However, sharing the average investment your clients typically make is a perfect way to set the tone with your pricing! It will weed out the unideal clients, and the ones who are still interested will then reach out to you through your contact form to learn more which ultimately gets your foot in the door!


Take some time today and peek at your website! Are you up to date with these three tips? Do you need to make any changes? Comment below your thoughts! 🙂


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