Travel Favorites! What I Always Bring With Me When I Travel.


Travel Favorites! What I Always Bring With Me When I Travel.

Travel Favorites! What I Always Bring With Me When I Travel.
Here I am in Iceland living my best life while photographing a sweet couple!

Hey you! It’s no secret by now that I am alwayssss on the road..or plane..or just hiking a new park! I am travel obsessed, and have been fortunate to see so many cool places! Because I am always packing my bags for my next trip, I have it down to a science. I know exactly what is coming with me, and I cannot wait to share them with you today! I am sharing my travel favorites! What I always bring with me when I travel.

First things first, I always have my Vinta camera bag with me! Whether I am traveling for work or not, it is the best backpack to travel with! I love the cushioned back and straps, the luggage slide strap, the laptop sleeve, and all the different compartments! Not to mention it’s also so cute and comes in a few different colors. I have THIS one!

Travel Favorites! What I Always Bring With Me When I Travel.

Speaking of bringing my laptop with me when I travel, how dang annoying is packing your laptop charger!? I have the two piece Mac charger and it was always just tossed in my bag however I could pack it! I found THIS charger wind on Amazon last year, and my life is FOREVERRRR changed! You don’t ever have to take the charge out to use. Just pull each end to lengthen and wind to keep it snug in your bag! YO WELCOME.

When it comes to any travel, you always want to have headphones! However, don’t get caught on a plane with only Bluetooth headphones or you will not be able to watch any TV/Movies on the screen. You also don’t want to pay for the cheap and uncomfortable airplane options! I cannot go anywhere without my Airpods, but I always pack my JBL Over The Ear headphones with the cord for flights so my ears don’t get sore, and I can really block out any other noise!

I always have my phone charger accessible to me when I am on the plane since most now have the outlets at each seat, but if I have a long layover and don’t feel like sitting on the floor or fighting someone for an outlet, it is great to have a portable charger bank! This one is great!

When hubs and I went to Italy on our honeymoon, we quickly realized we forgot outlet adaptors! You most likely will not be able to plug in your phone, hair dryer, etc! I have a few of THESE and rest assured I am always good to go no matter what country I am traveling!

For those long flights when you are crammed into your small seat, it’s always a good idea to have compression socks! THESE really make a huge difference, and keep you warm! I am always freezing on planes!

As far as snacks go, Cliff Bars are my favorite thing to pack! They are thin, fill you up, and taste delish! I love the White Chocolate Macadamia and the Chocolate Chip! I just throw a pack into my carry on or suitcase and I know I will never go hungry!

When it comes to the luggage I use, I definitely have a favorite company: BEIS. Beis is Shay Mitchell’s travel accessory line, and it’s all SO SO good. I collected a few. pieces for during Christmas and cannot live without them! Here is what I have:
Cosmetic Case:
Carry On:
Full Size:

I also asked for THIS Calpack Wallet for Christmas, and believe me when I say it is my new FAVORITE travel purse! Thin and lightweight, can be worn different ways, and holds my passport, cards, cash, a pen, etc!

Travel Favorites! What I Always Bring With Me When I Travel.

So tell me, what are your favorite travel must haves? I am always curious what other people are using! 🙂 Comment below!

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