How to be a destination photographer

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How To Be A Destination Photographer!

Does this sound like you?👇

– I want to travel the world but have no idea how to get paid to do so!

– Do I have to offer FREE travel just to get opportunities?!

– I have no idea how to even attract my ideal clients!

– I don’t know how I would even price myself for a destination session!

I’ve created THE ebooks for YOU.

1. Pricing Yourself for Destination Sessions

2. Marketing Yourself for Destination Sessions

These two ebooks will walk you through everything I did to turn my local wedding photography biz into a destination wedding photography biz that has taken me worldwide!! 

I remember being in your shoes which is why these ebooks are such a labor of love, but I also remember where I was financially when I was just starting out so it was important to me to keep this both affordable and attainable!

You can get BOTH ebooks (normally a $52 value) for only $40! 


You don’t ever want to look back and WISH you would have just started, right?


How To Be A Destination Photographer!
How To Be A Destination Photographer!
How To Be A Destination Photographer!

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