My 5 Favorite Business Apps On My Phone!


My 5 Favorite Business Apps On My Phone!

Happy Monday, friends! I hope this week started out on a good note! I’m totally snowed in over here in good ole Minnesota, and am totally utilizing this time to tackle my to do list! One thing I’ve really been working hard on is educational content for all you photographers no matter where you are at in your biz! 🙂 That being said, today I am sharing my 5 favorite business apps on my phone I cannot live without! I left out the obvious apps such as Instagram, Facebook Pages, etc! I wanted to give you a more in depth look into what else I actually use! Keep reading to find out what they are!

My 5 Favorite Business Apps On My Phone!

1. Qapital – This app is hands down the best SAVINGS app I have ever used! I will forever recommend it to EVERYONE, but especially business owners! Basically, this app creates bank accounts through Wells Fargo and helps you save! To get started, you simply connect a bank account and make a goal (or multiple goals)!! Your goal(s) can be literally anything you want them to be! You could make a goal to save for a vacation, maybe a new piece of camera equipment, a house down payment, etc! The goal(s) can be big or small, it’s just to organize your savings! 🙂 From there to set rules for your goals! For example, let’s say I had a “vacation” goal! I might set one or a few of the following rules; “set and forget”, “round up”, or even “52 weeks”. These rules have different systems for withdrawing money from the bank account you connected and start adding to your savings goal!

Now, for all my biz owners out there, there is a FREELANCER rule that automatically takes 33% of every bit of income deposited into your business account and sets it aside for taxes! The best part? I’m obviously not going to pay all that money to the IRS after write offs and such, so it feels like I am getting a bonus at the end of the year! Seriously, you need THIS now!


2. Plann – Plann is the app I use to plan out my instagram posts! I can also plan my stories, check analytics, and even see what days and times my posts perform best which helps me decide when to post! You can schedule times/days for images and captions and be notified when they are ready to be posted! It makes social media so easy, and because of scheduling I no longer aimlessly scroll!

3. Taxbot – Taxes, our least favorite part about being a business owner! Well friends, I am here to make your lives SO. MUCH. EASIER! Taxbot is my favorite way to prepare for tax season! It automatically tracks every trip I drive so I never have to worry about forgetting to start it, I can classify all income, purchased, and trips as business or personal, AND I can take photos of receipts! What more could you need!? Cab I get an AMEN!?


4. Word Swag – Ever wondered how people get those perfectly put together Instagram stories? Word swag is my favorite app to create them! They have SO many fun fonts, colors, images, etc!


5. VSCO – My go-to app for all my iphone photo edits! Obviously I need to keep my iphone photos cohesive with my professional images on my social feeds so M5 in the VSCO is my bestie! 😉


I hope you found this helpful and added a few new apps to your phone today! I would never mention them if I didn’t LOVE them so let me know what you think!! Comment below your favorite apps! I am always looking for more!

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