3 Ways To Invest In Your Business This Year


3 Ways To Invest In Your Business This Year

Happy coldest day of life, friends! 😉 Seriously though, it’s -50 here in MN and I wish I was joking. We actually beat out the North Pole and Antarctica today so I think we might deserve some sort of award? Anyway, I am stuck inside watching movies and killing my to do list, but I am not complaining about that! There are so many things I can do to invest in my business this time of year with all the months of slow season I give myself! That being said, I wanted to share with ya’ll 3 ways to invest in your business this year! Now, I know you just read “invest” and already hear your wallet crying, but “invest” doesn’t necessarily have to always mean money! Personally, I think investing money into your business in a few ways I shared below is smart, but I’ve also been that newbie biz owner who didn’t have the budget for all the learning experiences so I had to be picky about what I did spend money on, and start investing more of my TIME into things that grew my biz! Keep reading to find out the 3 ways you can invest in your biz this year!

1. Invest in educational content!

There are tons and tons of free resources for photographers on Youtube, Pinterest, and more! However, free resources only scratch the surface of things! To really dig deep into content and start seeing quick growth, I suggest investing in guides, ebooks, etc! These will not be expensive, but will be very helpful if you are new or feeling stuck where you are!

2. Invest in mentoring or workshops!

This is always the most expensive option, but for a reason! 1 on 1 or intimate workshop settings are where I learned the most! Also, if you can save for just one workshop a year, I promise you will see a HUGE return on your investment! Just be wise about your decision and make sure it’s a great workshop! You can do so by reaching out to past attendees, reading reviews, etc!

3. Invest your time in social media friendships!

THIS!!! Social media can be equal parts good and bad, but one awesome thing about it is making friends all over the world who do what YOU do! I’ve met some of my best friends on Instagram, and am forever grateful for that! Find people in your area who are in a similar place as you and meet up with them for a work date! Having someone to go through the journey with only helps you grow more! With that said, I do have a quick note! Please do not reach out to photographers you are years into business! If you do, please expect to pay for mentoring as their time and knowledge is precious! 🙂


Comment below how you are investing in your biz this year!

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