Happy FRI-YAY!! I’ve been seriously utilizing this “slow season” (that really isn’t that slow) of my business to get as much wedding planning done as I can since I have an almost full schedule for the entire summer and fall already!! I was working on the guest list and thought I would share a little update on how wedding planning for us is going, a funny story, and a few tips I have learned here and there! 🙂

Wedding Planning Update

Wedding planning has actually gone pretty smooth so far! Until the other day when I tried to block off hotel rooms and everyone was filled (que me pouding head into wall)! I ended up finding some thank goodness, but here is a fun little story for you..


..I had called about 15-20 hotels looking for rooms, and then found myself on the phone with a really nice lady as we chatted about blocking off a few rooms for the wedding! She told me they were all full and mentioned I check another town nearby! I didn’t recognize the name of the town, but since I am planning a mini destination wedding in Wisconsin, I am not really familiar with any of the surrounding towns! I asked her how to spell it as I wrote it down and as she was spelling it for me she paused and asked, “Where are you getting married?” “Pepin, Wisconsin” I replied…


..After a long pause she says to me, “Oh hunny, this is a hotel in OREGON.”


I wanted to respond with, “I hate myself” hahaha, but instead I very awkwardly laughed, apologized, and hung up.


Moral of the story: Check the state a hotel is in before calling the number.


Other than that I have my dress, made a bridesmaid dress appointment, booked hair and makeup, a DJ, the venue, photographer, videographer, and now we are working on booking catering and shuttles for guests!!


Next I plan to figure out tux’s, alcohol, finish finding hotels, finalize the guest list and addresses, and send save the dates!!

I still have SO much to do, but I am enjoying planning SO much! I get a little stressed here and there, but it is still so fun for me! We also just booked a DREAM home for wedding weekend and for the girls to all get ready in! You guys are going to FREAK when you see it!



Wedding Planning Update + Funny Story


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