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The Studio furniture is positioned to be three different sets! The first set is more minimal and modern, with wood furniture and white accents. The second set is more industrial with leather pieces, for a moody or more masculine vibe. The third set up is the bed. This can be used for boudoir, couples, families, etc! I have white bedding on the bed, but also have a black silk option for you to use. Anything can be moved around as desired as long as it is moved back to it's original place.

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"Absolutely love using Tarah's studio!

It's clean, bright, and perfect for an in-home feel."

"My clients loved the variety of furniture and all of the open space. I love how photographer oriented the space was designed. This will definitely be my go to for indoor shoots!"



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Q: Do you offer 1 hour rentals?

Yes!! Our rental options start at 1 hour. When you follow the link to book you will see an array of options, so take your time to find what best fits your needs!

Q: Do you have any backdrops?

Yes! Aside from all the white walls in the studio, you will also have access to any of the colored paper backdrops, a drop cloth tarp, or just the backdrop stand to hang anything on.

We have black, maroon, nutmeg, and rust colored seamless paper backdrops.

Q: Can we rearrange any of the furniture?

Absolutely! We have had renters move the furniture into many different sets. We love encouraging creativity, but we just ask you leave the studio as you found it.

Q: can we rent out any other parts of your home?

Yes! You can either rent the studio or the studio AND our main living area which includes living room, kitchen, and dining room. 

Q: Do you have on site parking?

We sure do! The studio is inside our home so you have access to free parking in our driveway or in our culdesac. We are able to accommodate plenty of vehicles.

Once you book you will receive an email with all the information you need for your rental including where to park in the driveway so you do not block anyone in!

Q: Are pets allowed in the studio?

We only allow pets upon request, and if it works that specific day. Please feel free to reach out and ask!

Q: How many people can you accommodate?

No more than 15 people at a time if you rent solely the studio space. You will be asked to give this information at booking so we will reach out if we have any further questions.

Q: If we book a full day rental, are we able to get in the day before to set up?

This is entirely specific to the situation, but more than likely, yes. As long as there are no rentals happening the day before, it should work out no problem!

You will, however, need to be completely cleaned up by the end of you rental time. Keep this in mind when deciding how many hours you may need.


Yes! We have had huge productions take place.


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