I think in the midst of all the chaos that life brings, self care seems like the last thing we have time for! Girl, I get it, but I also know that self care can be easily added to normal daily routines! I know this, because I have done it, and you can too! Today I am sharing 3 ways you can sneak self care into your daily routine without missing a beat!

1. Drink water and healthy snacks at your desk! You are still getting your work done, but are also nourishing your body with things it NEEDS. Sneaky right? 😉

2. Change out of your jammies before you eat breakfast! If you just washed your face, change while you are waiting for your skin care to set maybe?

3. Eat your meals unplugged from your phone! Stop scrolling while eating! Just sit and eat! I like to take this time to read, maybe watch a quick Friends episode, or watch my cute pups play in the living room! 😉

Self care doesn’t have to be hard, ya’ll! Today, I just want you to try one of these! Which one are going to try?

Also, if you haven’t yet, be sure to join the private Facebook community HERE where other creative women in business are sharing their struggles, and opening up the topic of mental health!


3 Ways You Can Sneak Self Care Into Your Daily Routine


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