I recently saw a question in a group I follow on Facebook that really stood out to me! The photographer asked, “What are things that should be talked about/covered in a client meeting?” I reached out to her and had her write down a few specific questions she wanted answered! Today I am blogging all about conducting a client meeting!

What is the difference between a client meeting before and after they book you?

The difference between a client meeting before they book as opposed to after can really just come down to what your clients are comfortable with! I personally am very flexible with them in hopes that they wouldn’t ever feel pressured into anything! The clients that choose to meet with me first usually come with a list of questions; and just want to chat with me in person! If clients are confident with their decision they will typically decide to pay the retainer online or send it in the mail right away, and then meet later to chat details such as the engagement session, what to expect, and more!

How do you make sure the timeline is based around you?/How much do you affect the timeline?

When I book a wedding, my couples know that we will work together to create a timeline based on the package they have chosen! Once their general timeline of the day is finished (about a month or two in advance) I will sit down and create a rough draft timeline based on the  events that are MOST important to them, and the amount of hours I will be there! Once I have the draft finished I will send it to my clients, let them make any comments, then I make changes, and send them the final copy!

How many times do you meet before the wedding date?

I usually meet my clients 1-3 times in person before the wedding! Once for the initial consultation, again for the engagement session, and once more if they feel we need to go over things, create a timeline in person, or discuss anything else!


What are good questions to ask your client at the meeting?

  • Where + When is your wedding?
  • Tell me about the wedding! Themes/colors/décor?
  • How many people are in your wedding party?
  • How many guests will your venue allow/ how many are you inviting?
  • How did you meet?
  • How did he propose?
  • What moments are you most excited about on the wedding day that absolutely need to be captured?
  • Do you have any split families or conflicting situations that I should be aware of?
  • What are your expectations of me?
  • What do you hope your wedding images will portray?
  • Do you have any hesitations?
  • Would you like a payment plan? How many months would you like your payments broken up into?


Frequently forgotten things to discuss with your bride and groom?

  1. Walk through the wedding day. This is where I fill my couples in on what they can expect from me each hour I am there on the big day! This helps put them at ease, and they know I have everything under control!
  2. Go over packages and pricing again/be very clear about what they will be getting so there is no confusion later on.
  3. Walk through the whole process (payments, timelines, products).
  4. Fill them in on how they can create the perfect bridal suite. Let them know that window light is past, have them move anything that might not be “pretty”, and go over your favorite bridal suite images to give them inspiration!
  5. Let them know what kinds of additions to bring for their detail photos! Besides shoes, garter, flowers, perfume, jewelry, and other details, they could bring ribbon that matches the colors for he day, maybe a few extra flowers from the florist, or something else that could tie it all together!

Conducting a Client Meeting


Conducting a Client Meeting


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