You know that moment when someone politely asks you if you are ok, and you either lie and say “yes” or burst into a puddle of tears? Same girl, same. I used to keep EVERYTHING buried. I used to push it so far down that when it resurfaced, it was worse than before. As a business owner who works from home, it can be easy to “hide” our mental health either behind our screens or even just from ourselves! Wanna know what I’ve learned? Hiding how I am feeling will never result in something positive. I’ve learned that the only way to work on my mental health, especially as a business owner, is to be open and honest about how I am feeling when I am feeling it. Being vulnerable and open about what I was going through when my anxiety was at it’s worse was ultimately what healed me. I know that sounds so silly, but by sharing my story, I had opened up the gates (or in this case, my DMs) to so many other’s stories! It was actually really amazing and emotional for me to see so much encouragement and the same pain I was feeling coming from someone else.

I need you to know something. I need you to know that when it comes to your mental health, you are NOT alone. You are not weird or different because of it. You are actually really strong, and can be light to someone else.

Now, I know what you are thinking. How can I be a light to someone else struggling with mental health when I can’t even get my own under control? Well, I didn’t know either, until I put myself out there on social media completely raw and vulbnerable. When the DMs started rolling in, I was initially afraid to open them in fear people would think I was looking for simpathy. Instead, I found something so much greater. I found OTHER PEOPLE who hhad the same, if not similar struggles. I found friends whom I never would’ve guessed struggled with mental health, STRUGGLING. I couldn;t believe it. After that overwhelming response to my first post about it, I decided to keep sharing. At one point I actually sobbed on my insta stories. Yes, seriously, I was legitimately SOBBING. Again, I couldn’t believe how many people where saying, “ME TOO”.

It was through this journey that I learned, and continue to learn, I am NOT alone in my mental health. Knowing that I am NORMAL and what I was feeling was valid really helped me heal.

Because of my own journey with mental health, I will never stop sharing my story and journey. I will never stop trying to help just that one person who needs to learn what I needed to learn. I am hear for you friend, and so are MANY others. The next time you find yourself feeling alone and hopeless, please remember there are others out there who are going through and feeling the SAME exact way right now. They need you as much as you need them. Together we can continue to “heal” and work on creating our best selves, but having a sense of community has been the biggest game changer for me.

Today I want you to take a second and be a little bit vulnerable. This could be sharing about your story publicly or just reaching out to a friend and opening up, but either way, I want you to try.

I love you.


You Are Not Alone In Your Mental Health


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