As a photographer, my choice of camera bag is a huge deal! My previous bag gave me shoulder and neck pain, and it was always a hassle to lug it around! That is why I decided it was time to invest in something new! Kelly Moore has always been a brand I followed! I love the style, accessibility, and comfort of her bags! When I came across her Woodstock Backpack  I knew it was a perfect fit!

Kelly Moore Bag Review

A few of my favorite features include the following:

  • The back has a wallet so I can keep my cards, money, or even passport safe while traveling without worrying about another bag or purse! The fact that the wallet is pressed against my back as I wear the backpack makes me feel like everything is safe and protected!
  • The front open/magnetic pocket! It makes it so easy to slip my phone or even a granola bar in during my sessions!
  • The clear pockets on the inside! It is the perfect place to hold batteries, card readers, or even just bobby pins!
  • The adjustable foam padding makes it so easy to more things around so I can hold different pieces of equipment when necessary!
  • I love that it is a backpack so I could carry my equipment around with comfort and ease!
  • It is the perfect size for traveling, and even holds my laptop!

Other uses for the bag:

  • Would make a great diaper bag!
  • Great for anyone traveling/studying abroad!
  • Great for long days of shopping when you don’t want to worry about shoulder pain or holding a purse!


Even though it is a bit pricey, this bag was an awesome business purchase! I am so happy with it, and it has made my life so much easier!

Kelly Moore Bag Review


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