Let’s face it; wedding planning is stressful no matter how much time you have. After a full day of work, wedding planning can often times be the last thing we want to do! It’s not that it isn’t fun, it’s that it just takes a lot of work and research to figure out what you want and what you can afford! Every time I check in on one of my brides close to her wedding I always hear about how stressed she is, and as I plan my own wedding I can finally understand why! Today I am going to share a few tips on how to de-tress during wedding planning!

How to De-Stress During Wedding Planning


How to De-Stress During Wedding Planning

  1. Workout. I know I know, you may have read this one and rolled your eyes a bit. Working out isn’t exactly everyone’s favorite thing to do, but remember how good it makes you feel when you’re done! It pumps up your endorphins, and helps put a little extra pep in your step! Don’t feel like you have to overdo it, because even just a walk can do you some good! However, if you do get on a workout plan you will be killing two birds with one stone by getting wedding ready AND relieving any stress you have! 🙂
  2. Treat Yo-self. Book yourself a massage, go on a mini (budget friendly) shopping spree, or just do something that makes YOU happy! Go with your girlfriends or even just by yourself! Nothing makes me feel better than a treat yo-self day! 😉
  3. Date night. Escape the craziness of life, wedding planning, and work to enjoy a date night! Whether its pizza and Netflix, or a romantic date night where you get all dressed up, be sure to take that time to reconnect with each other! After all, you ARE getting married soon. 😉

I hope these three tips are helpful as you continue to plan your big day! If anything else, just remember the why behind all the planning! You are about to marry your soul mate and that is all the matters!



How to De-Stress During Wedding Planning


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