I think for some, the idea of creating goals is scary. What if we write them down and never achieve them? Then what do we do? The funny thing is, writing them down really is just the first step! You need to break them down in order to see they really aren’t that scary. Today we are going to be talking about how to create goals and make them happen! I am going to share 3 of the steps I take in doing so!


Step 1: Take some intentional time to set your goals!

Take some time to sit down and really think about what you want the next week, month, or even year to look like. Do you want to become healthier? Maybe launch a new product? Or maybe you want to start your own business! Whatever the goal may be, big or small, take time to sit down, think about it, and write it down! Writing down your goals on paper really is the first step! It says, “Hey, I am serious about achieving this!” I love to light a candle (preferably toasted graham latter from B+BW), turn on some soft music, and let yourself just write it all down. I filled an entire notebook spread with a list of goals I want to achieve this year! Some of them are small and some are huge, but it just felt good to get them down on paper!


Step 2: Pick one goal and create a plan!

I am not say you should try to achieve this goal in one day. I am telling you to look at it, and break it down into multiple steps! Once you do this, it doesn’t look so scary or unachievable! You see that if you just take some time each day or week that you can really get to where you want to be!

Here is an example: GOAL = CREATE A NEWSLETTER

  • Decide what exactly I would use a newsletter for
  • What kind of content would I send?
  • Who would be my demographic?
  • Find the best program for you (mail chimp, convert kit, etc!)
  • Make an account
  • Do research or watch videos on how to best utilize said program
  • Post link to sign up on social media to gain a few subscribers
  • Send your first newsletter!


Step 3 : Organize your goals

This is a HUGE step in actually being able to achieve your goals! After writing them all down, and maybe making plans, you will feel overwhelmed! You have to many things you want o get done, and just not enough hours in the day! Open your planner. Take a few hours to organize your goals! What are some things you want to do right now, and what are some that can wait 6 months? Write down the goal and the step underneath it in your planner so you can actually plan out when you will achieve it! This also helps with holding you accountable! I love opening my planner and seeing all my little notes at the bottom of each square! It excited me to open it in the morning and see what I am going to conquer that day!

I hope this puts things in perspective for you, and makes goal setting a little less scary! I encourage you to try these 3 steps, and see where they get you! J


How to Create Goals and Make Them Happen


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