It’s FRI-YAY!!! I am packing up to head to Alex’s parents house for the weekend, because I get to finally show Alex our wedding venue tomorrow!! Also, we may or may not be doing a donut tasting so I’m really looking forward to Saturday. 😉 Today’s blog post is for all you beautiful future brides out there! One of the questions I get asked most often is how to choose the right wedding photographer! When choosing your wedding photographer, you should look for a few things!

How to choose the right wedding photographer

1. Someone who’s personality matches yours. Your wedding photog will be spending a LOT of time with you on your wedding day, so hiring someone who has the right personality to match yours is key!

2. Someone who’s style speaks to you. Not every photographer has the same shooting or editing style and that’s a good thing! It means that when you hire someone you are hiring them because you genuinely love their photographic style!

3. Someone who genuinely loves to serve others! Think of how crazy fast your wedding day will fly by! You’ll want to make sure you hire someone who will capture every moment, be there to help sew you back into your dress (true story), or just make sure things run as smooth as possible!

You see, your wedding photographer should be more than your wedding photographer. They should be someone you can laugh and adventure with, while simultaneously making you look awesome! 😉

As usual, please comment below or email me with any questions or suggestions for future blog posts! 🙂


How To Choose The Right Wedding Photographer


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