Happy Monday, friends! I sat down to blog today, and couldn’t think of a better way to kick off the week more than an open Q+A! This gives you an opportunity to learn based on questions your fellow photographers have asked! You might take away something from any of the following questions I answered! I would love to make this Q+A blog a theme on here for an awesome educational resource, so comment below what question(s) you want answered!!


Q: How do you stay so confident in such a competitive field? 

A: When I first started out, I definitely struggled with this! However, the more I grew the less I felt like I had competition! Yes, photography is a very saturated market, however you have to remember that when it comes down to it, no one can do what you do exactly how you do it. Whether it’s emails, experience, organization, or awesome photos, you have something uniquely special that makes you and your biz slightly different from the next! I choose to focus on how well I am serving my clients and less on what another photographer in my area is doing! 🙂



Q: How did your first solo wedding go and how did it turn out?

A: WHAT A TRIP down memory lane haha! This is tricky to answer because everything about my business has changed so drastically since then! From timelines and wedding day prep to gear and the clients I work with, it has all changed! I think if I were to give a first time wedding photog advice it would be to have a second shooter, go in with a calm attitude, and just capture the day as it happens! One of the biggest things I’ve changed over time is how I view capturing a wedding day! I used to go in with my heart pounding out of my chest thinking about how I had to capture every single moment, but that actually hurt me! I realized I was missing so many of the most important moments on wedding days because I never just slowed down! Now, I wait for the moments to happen and am always there to snap them!



Q: How you changed your style and began focusing on adventure weddings?

A: I started first and foremost with a huge rebrand! However, there are multiple little changes you can start making such as the words used in your Instagram bio, the images you share on socials, and the overall experience you offer! If you consistently use words like “explore, adventure, and journey” you will start attracting those ideal clients! With images, you need to be sharing only the work you want to book more of! You are allowed to be picky about what you post on social media so your ideal clients can find you!

Also, utilizing hashtags, renaming your images when exporting in LR (ie: OregonWedding), and updating your website to match everything we talked about above is super crucial!



Q: How do you keep your edits consistent?

A: Presets are the best way to be consistent, but on top of that you need to learn what lighting conditions work best for you! You cannot shoot in 17 different lighting situations, throw your preset on top, and expect everything to be consistent! This takes time, but is soooo worth it in the long run! Eventually you will know exactly which lighting situations work best for you and define your work! Really take time to play around and figure this out!



Q: What are some things that you really love about your business and what are a few things that you still struggle with? (business management, client complaints, etc)

A: A few things I really love about my business would be my engagement session + wedding experiences, my engagement sessions style guide, and my love for setting and accomplishing big goals! A few things I struggle with would be scheduling boudoir sessions (as far as coordinating with/booking the studio, hair + MUA, etc!), doing extra things like pinning my blogs, and sending newsletters regularity! However, I have hired all these things out so I no longer have to feel overwhelmed by them! Outsource if you need to, friends! It’s life changing!


Like I mentioned above, I would love to make this a regular thing so feel free to drop your questions down below! 🙂

Answering Your Questions : Q+A!


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