When was the last time you took care of yourself, or even just took time for yourself?! This doesn’t have to be something big like a massage or an entire day off. Self care can be found in the little things we often overlook throughout the day as creative biz owners! Before I started caring about my mental health and overall wellness, I never took good care of myself or my body, but when I started dealing with anxiety, I knew I needed to make a change! This can be helpful if you are stressed to the max, waking up every day in a state of overwhelm, or even just looking to feel a little better day to day! Here are 5 ways to take care of yourself every day!

1. Change yo clothes! Honestly, most days when I don’t have to leave the house I change out of my pajamas and into sweats, but at least I changed! I always feel best, however, when I put on jeans and a good sweater! 😉 It’s a simply task, that many of us skip.

2. Eat breakfast without being on your phone! I used to sit on my phone scrolling aimlessly every morning, and it was ridiculous! Now, I eat my breakfast unplugged and just enjoy the quiet of the morning!

3. Drink Water! I know this one can be repetitive, but it is SO important! Think about just taking time to GET UP, step away from your desk, and refill your water bottle?!

4. Take a break! Give yourself 15-30 minute breaks every few hours to just sit outside, eat a healthy snack, or stretch! Let’s be real, you rarely take a break, so implementing this simple action could really make a difference!

5. Wash your face! It is SO easy not to do simple tasks like this, but washing my face and applying my skin care each morning actually helps me feel more put together! Plus, I really benefit from just taking those few extra moments for myself before opening my computer!

I have a little action step for you! I want you to take just ONE of these 5 tasks and implement it into your daily routine for 1 whole week! Comment below which one you are going to go with!


5 Ways To Take Time For Yourself Every Day


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