Happy Wednesday, friends! It has been a WEEK over here and we are only halfway through! I had the most amazing boudoir retreat in Waco, TX over the weekend, but when I got home I was EXHAUSTED! After taking the whole day off Monday (which really hurts to say because I do not take time off haha) I am feeling back to my normal self! I am working on something BIG that is coming to you in the next few weeks, and I cannot wait for you to see what it is! Hint: You will totally benefit from it! 😉 Anyway, I have some destination work coming up and since I get asked about it all the time I wanted to blog about 3 ways to book more destination sessions! Destination sessions are a blast, but it can be tricky knowing how to get into that specific market so here are 3 tips!

1. Hashtags! Utilizing hashtags is so important for two main reasons! First off, anytime you travel for any reason, you should try to book or offer a free session for anyone in that area! I used to find people through location specific hashtags all the time, reach out, and either offer them a discount or just a free session! It is so great for your portfolio if you don’t have any destination images! Secondly, when you share those destination images, you want to make sure you are tagging the location and using location specific hashtags so other people can find you if they search for a photographer in that area!

2. Market yourself as a destination photographer! You cannot expect people to book you as a destination photographer if you don’t market yourself as one! A lot of photographers actually don’t want to travel so unless you are putting it out there, you can’t expect people to know! Even if you have never done a destination session of any kind, you can still put something like, “MN + worldwide photographer” or “MN based and always up for a new adventure!”. Make sure whatever phrase you go with is consistent on all your socials and your website! Educating your clients is key!

3. Pinterest! Anytime I finish editing a session or blog it, my VA automatically makes different kinds of pins and puts them on Pinterest! I had a Sedona engagement session go “viral” on Pinterest and now I get inquiries for AZ sessions pretty often! Putting in that extra effort of pinning your images once you’ve blogged or edited a session is so important! I clearly couldn’t fit in the time which is why I have a VA (read more about outsourcing HERE!), but it really is an important task to add to your routine!

I encourage you to start implementing all of these consistently! Booking destination sessions does not happen overnight, so do not get discouraged! The more consistent you are the closer you will get to achieving your goals!

3 Ways To Book More Destination Sessions


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