Happy FRI-YAY! Let’s just get right into it. I love sleep. Like I REALLLYYY love sleep. You know what makes it even harder to get up in the morning? When you work from home! Haha. Seriously, being an entrepreneur with a love for sleep isn’t the best combo, but I know I’m not alone! One of my new years resolutions was to become a morning person, and because I have been able to stick to this goal, I wanted to share 3 ways to become a morning person with you!

3 Ways To Become A Morning Person

How to become a morning person!


  1. Get some sleep. Guuuurl, I hope you don’t think you can become a morning person and still stick to that terrible sleep schedule of yours! My favorite way to ensure I am getting a good amount is by going to the clock app on my phone, and clicking on “bedtime” in the bottom panel! You can move the slider to when you plan on going to bed and waking up, and the sounds to wake up to are WAY better than that horrible alarm noise we all despise. It also tracks your sleeping patterns per week, and 30 minutes before you plan to go to bed, it plays a little noise to remind you that you should go to bed soon!
  2. Create something to look forward to! Whether it is breakfast, your outfit, or even a new project you are working on, remind yourself of that when your alarm goes off! Being excited about something makes getting up a little more bearable, and I promise it’ll give you an over all zest for life!
  3. Use the first 5-15 minutes of the day for YOU time. Don’t hit snooze, don’t scroll, just get up and enjoy those first quiet moments of the day! Whether you want to just sit and enjoy that cup of coffee, or do a little yoga before you start getting ready, just make sure that time is intentional and not spent focusing on anything else!

    Like everything in life, this is going to take work. My sleep schedule last year was terrible, and I was getting out of bed at the weirdest times. Now I am up and running by 7:30 and it has totally changed the game not only for my health but for my business as well!

    Tell me, what do you like to do in the morning? 🙂


3 Ways To Become A Morning Person


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