We all know there are tons of books out there focused around creative entrepreneurs, but sometimes picking and choosing which ones to read can be hard! I feel like every time I hop on social media, someone is posting about a book that is a must read, and then it makes me feel like I already should have read it haha! I love any books that relate to creative or creating your best self, so today I am going to share my 3 must reads for creative with you!!


3 Must Reads for Creatives

  1. Grace Not Perfection

Emily Ley hit the nail on the head with her book Grace Not Perfection. As business owners, significant others, moms, and dreamers we are always on the move. There just isn’t ever enough hours in the day to wear every hat and do everything we want to do, so Emily shares her organizing and life simplifying tricks to being able to begin to juggle everything! It’s such an easy read, and is one of those books that I never wanted to end!


  1. The Magnolia Story

It’s no secret that we all love Chip and Jojo. Like, can we just all be them? From marriage to running a business, they carry such a love for the Lord in every thing they do. Their story of how they got to where they are today is SO inspiring, and really makes you put life and priorities into perspective!


  1. Big Magic

Elizabeth Gilbert is such a unique writer, and I swear everything she says is gold. I can’t tell you how many quotes from her book I’ve written down in my notebook just to look back at again later. She has such a different view on creativity and how it works in us, and I love it! I think this book helps us better understand our creativity and how to handle those big ideas and dreams that come and sometimes go!

3 Must Reads for Creatives


These 3 books are just a few of my favorites, and I know they will soon be yours too!

Comment below if you have any favorite must-reads!


3 Must Reads for Creatives


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