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10 Things I Wish I Knew When Starting My Business

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1. It’s NOT Easy
It’s actually REALLY hard, BUT it’s also extremely rewarding. Nothing is better than being your own boss, making your own hours, and NOT having to work holidays!! Getting to do what YOU love everyday is the best feeling.

2. You’re Going To Make A Lot of Mistakes
You cannot go into a new business thinking you are perfect or won’t make mistakes. How will you learn if you don’t make mistakes? You’re going to make a lot. Some are going to sting a little, and some will be just little goofs here and there, but you will learn and grow SO much from them.

3. Find Your Specialties and Stick To Them
To often new photographers only are in it to make money. While we do need to support ourselves, you need to have the right heart behind what you do. Narrow it down to one or two genres of photography that you absolutely love. Personally, shooting seniors + couples makes my heart skip a beat which is why I focus on those two! I offer maternity as well, but not as frequent as the other two! I do not photograph newborns, kids, or pets; I only offer family sessions twice a year as mini sessions.

4. Be an Avid Social Media User
We all know marketing on social media is HUGE, but you never really know how much you need to keep up to be noticed! It’s about being consistent, posting your BEST content, having a feed that matches your brand, and more!

5. Find Your Editing Style and Stick To It
You want clients to be able to recognize your work. This means you should be consistent through all your sessions when it comes to editing! Being consisted with your editing also helps you to speed up your workflow!

6. You Need To Know Your Ideal Client
You shouldn’t be taking every client who comes your way just for the money. Figure out who your ideal client is, and FIND them. Filter our inquiring clients with questionnaires will help you find the people who both want to work with you and who YOU want to work with in return!

7. You Need To Find Your Niche
Finding your niche is key. How will other people know what you are all about if you don’t?! Take a long hard look at yourself and figure out your WHY! Knowing your WHY behind what you do will actually help you find your ideal client as well!

8. You Need To Make Yourself Hours
It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of starting your own business, but you still need to have set office hours! For me, I work from 8-5 everyday! If for some reason I have something in the middle of the day like an appointment I just work a little later than 5 to make up time!! This goes along with having consistency in your business!

9. You Cannot Compare Yourself
When you start out there are going to be people ahead of you in the industry When you are 20 years in, there will STILL be people ahead of your in the industry. That’s just how it goes! You cannot compare yourselves to those people, or you will simply never grow! You need to take this a step at a time and find your own success!

10. You Have to Invest In Yourself
When you start out you need to put everything you make back into your business. Equipment, Workshops, and programs should all be things you put money into! However, don’t jump into something you aren’t ready for. Read up on things; use free resources like Google or blogs to learn about things before you invest!

I hope you found these tips helpful, and implement them as you start your new business! I will be blogging 10 resources I wish I knew of next week so stay tuned!


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